Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Olfaction and Emotions ?

Started from a small lunch discussion, I seriously start to think that there is a strong link between olfaction and emotions. Namely it seems that depressed people have reduced olfactory abilities.

This is quite logic since the olfactory bulb has a direct connection to the limbic system and is the only sensory modality that is not relayed by the thalamus.

My prediction would then be that for bipolar disorders, there in alternating impairment / improvement of olfactory capabilities.

We might think of congitive rehabilitation approaches with smell for depressed people ..

Any comments ?

Sources of those pictures can be found here and there

Link to a study performed in 2001 : "Reduced olfactory performance in patients with major depression"

Link to a 2004 journal article : "Olfaction, Emotion & the Amygdala: arousal-dependent modulation of long-term autobiographical memory and its
association with olfaction: beginning to unravel the Proust phenomenon?"

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