Monday, July 23, 2007

Bipolar disorder and binocular rivalry : Jack Pettigrew at Quantum TV

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We’re all in two minds. Well, half minds actually. The left and right sides of our brains conduct different functions and, by constantly switching between the two halves, we make sense of the world around us. But what happens when our brain switch isn’t working properly? Could malfunctioning mind switches be causing some mental illnesses? And just what do we know about the functioning of the brain anyway?

Video Log

Audio-Visual Performance Xperiments : Part A Audio-visual jockey from ikar on Vimeo.

Teratone Vision Audio-Video workshop @ trip bubble lab.

::AV Mixing
Edirol V4 Video Mixer + Gemini DJ Audio Mixer
Alternate solo configuration with AV Mixer Demo

::AV Vinyl Timeline Control, Pitch & Scratch
Technics MkII Turntables + MsPinky IWS

::AV FX's
Legacy kaos pad with linked Audio & Video mapping

VJ Ikar + VJ Soyouth
Sony & Dell Dualcore laptops, Edirol & M-Audio Asio Soundcards, Novation Remote25 Controller

Expect some upgrade in the months to come ;-)

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