Friday, July 10, 2009

Trance and the Embodied Mind

This is the title from a conference that I gave at Boom 2008 in the liminal village on August 12th


Modern cognitive science and shamanism will be used jointly to understand how trance techniques can alters one consciousness and what are the personal (body, mind, spiritual) and collective (social, legal, ethical) implications.


What is Trance ? What happens into our mind-body when we go into trance ?
The presentation will start by introducing the basics of sensory perception and conscious experience in the light of enactive science. We will then move on to examining altered states of consciousness and realize that the doorway to these non-ordinary realms lies in a specific use of trance. Trance systematically induces various modifications in the mind-body. This will be further discussed in the context of shamanic rituals. To what extend can this also apply to psychedelic festivals seen as modern rituals, as some researchers have recently suggested ? Trance can be a powerful catalyzer : a healing tool for personal and social harmony but also a hypnotic weapon for mass propaganda. Ethical issues and guidelines for a safe use of trance will be discussed. The future of human consciousness lies in the development of a loving, compassionate and responsible attitude, through a greater awareness of the link between the world and ourselves.There are various ways for a wise and educated use of trance to support a positive shift in society and individuals.
(audio-visual content will be used as a non-verbal mean to illustrate key points)

Video Log

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