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Albert Hofmann 's final words at the Spirit of Basel symposium, January 15th 2006

Transcripted from video recording of 100 uear old Albert, shot by Ikar from Teratone Vision, original video subtitled available here (select "Le mot d'Albert" at the end of the videojukebox list and press play).

I'm too touched to find the rights words to express my gratitude.
I don't know where i should start.
Pehaps i should start by thanking the good lord, and then i'd like to thank my parents and my teachers.
Next I'd like to thank my godfather who made it possible for me to go to university because my parents couldn't afford it.
I was an apprentice, i had to earn money for the family, but then my godfather made it possible for me to go to school, to get a higher education degree and then to go on to university and study chemistry and while i am expressing my gratitude..but i think i'm gonna have to stop because otherwise i'm gonna have to say many more things so, let me just thank people. Let me thank the organizers of this wonderful symposium. Dieter, Lucius, where are you ? Lucius, there you are ! "Lucius Wertmuller" and "Dieter Hagenbach", my good old friends, they made it possible ! Thanks to you.

I'd also like to thank everyone else present in this room, the people who ensure that the LSD message is communicated throughout the world. And at the end i'd like to thank LSD, because it came to me in discreet and secretive ways. Had i worked a 100% properly, the LSD couln't have drawn my attention to itself but somehow it entered my body, it raised my awareness and asked me to do something. Because i mean i was a scientist, i was a seeker, of course i was wondering, where this does effect come from ? That was my first lsd trip, i didn't know what was happening, it was a wonderful experience and i had to identify the cause for this experience. and while i was trying to identify this cause, i heard this voice and that was the voice of lsd. Without this small missup, no i don't think it was a missup, it was part of my destiny i think, to discover this substance.
Now i am a chemist, but if i.. again, if i had worked properly and cleanly, this conference wouldn't have been possible. But then lsd came to me and told me "spread the word", "tell people about me", "i don't want to be forgotten !".

And i think i was lucky because.., and i am lucky because i have friends and thanks to my friends, the lsd message was passed on to other people and it culminated in this wonderful symposium. And you are going to be my multipliers again ! You are going to spread the word throughout the world and i wish to thank you for coming to basel to honor my problem child. And thanks you to you the problem child has become a child prodigy !

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