Thursday, June 14, 2007

Psychedelic Trance Festivals as a space of cognitive liberty

A unfinished inner reverie...

Much beyond the actual prejudice of drugs in rave parties, psychedelic open-air gathering offer a new creative space for human consciousness to unfold. People in differents states of consciousness find a common, universal medium for a literal mems soup. Under some circumstances, they provide an optimal set and setting for entheogenic experiences to arise is a positive manner, awakening the divine within, collectively.

The goal is to create a gigantic magnet or collectively Dissociated Trance Plane that will trigger a recurrent feedback loop of peace, love and feeling of unity. This so-called Karmageddon takes place at all level of organization (social, intellectual, cellular) and all surrounding molecules are caught in that vibration or flow. Collective creative play, based on any kind of psycho-sensori-motor interaction among participants, in the fashion of a cosmic karmic glass bead game of consciousness, generates emotional and spiritual resonances.

The tripbubble, or field consciousness, theory explains this quite well. Multiple individual ego (self/non-self distinction) boundaries collapse as the get into synchrony with each other. These tuned oscillators are coupled in a positive feedback loop, following an exponential rule similar the the propagation of fungus lifeforms for example. Thoughts, ideas, viewpoints, qualia emerge from this mental soup, potentially providing to each body a richer experiential flow than the sum of separated consciousness activities. There is no theoritical limit to this acceleration, except that body and mind have to grow side by side so as to avoid burning of kundalini that can have various noxious effects both on the personal and transpersonal level.

Music becomes the orchestra conductor of consciousness into transpersonnal realms of reality. This fits well with recent theories in neural computing, oscillatory dynamics govern all organization level of life and matter. It also integrates recent approaches of consciousness as something which is not restricted to the body and even modern neuroscience starts studying the interaction of two individual consciousnesses with brain imaging techniques.

A striking example is the one of monks that gather for ritual prayer or meditation, they metaphorically all tune to the same frequency (sensori-motor acting as a carrier wave for consciousness) and co-create the same reality. They experience a pool of pure mems without any communication wrapping being necessary between them. In this golden silence, words are useless ego-toys, loving compassion becomes the engine of all action.

Video Log

Audio-Visual Performance Xperiments : Part A Audio-visual jockey from ikar on Vimeo.

Teratone Vision Audio-Video workshop @ trip bubble lab.

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