Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Powersuits : Exoskeleton for Japanese Nurses


Japan has to face the growing old of an everincreasing number of people and not enough staff to care for them ; Japanese scientist prototype a power suit for nurses to wear, that is to say a suit that demultiplies your strength by a factor of 2, thus allowing nurses to carry old persons and flip them on bed effortless..

Article here

Video Demo here

Video Log

Audio-Visual Performance Xperiments : Part A Audio-visual jockey from ikar on Vimeo.

Teratone Vision Audio-Video workshop @ trip bubble lab.

::AV Mixing
Edirol V4 Video Mixer + Gemini DJ Audio Mixer
Alternate solo configuration with AV Mixer Demo

::AV Vinyl Timeline Control, Pitch & Scratch
Technics MkII Turntables + MsPinky IWS

::AV FX's
Legacy kaos pad with linked Audio & Video mapping

VJ Ikar + VJ Soyouth
Sony & Dell Dualcore laptops, Edirol & M-Audio Asio Soundcards, Novation Remote25 Controller

Expect some upgrade in the months to come ;-)


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